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Rugo Stone, LLC is a company born of the natural stone industry. Our Founder and President, Brett S. Rugo, first became interested in natural stone while still a youth living in his hometown of Barre, Vermont – a town known for its granite industry. The grandson of an Italian stone carver, Mr. Rugo knew early in his life that his passion was to work with one of nature’s most majestic and timeless materials. At the age of 15, Rugo’s stone career started: first in a marble shop, then in a quarry, and later on urban construction jobsites assisting in the installation of stone work. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree, he began his education on the business side of the industry working for Moliterno Stone, the leading stone contractor in the Boston market during the 1980’s. Finally in 1996, Mr. Rugo conceived the idea to form a natural stone contracting company committed to the highest possible quality in craft and customer service. Rugo was very fortunate to have some of the best resources available to him in this endeavor. Rugo Stone routinely employs well over 120 employees, and works throughout the entire Mid Atlantic region for some of the most acclaimed architects, churches, developers, construction managers, and private homeowners.

In over 21 years, Rugo Stone has grown to become one of the most recognized stone contractors in the Mid Atlantic region, completing well over $100 million dollars in commercial, residential and liturgical projects. Rugo Stone has received 32 regional, national, and international craftsmanship awards for their work from its industry peers.

Our senior staff has over 400 years of collective stone trade experience. Most of our technical staff has either engineering or architectural backgrounds, supporting the highest detail of technical requirements that the stone industry demands. We also boast an extensive library of over 2000 samples of natural stones, acting as a tremendous resource to our team as well as architects and designers that visit us for inspirations and ideas.