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Exceptional stonework capabilities and facilities

The extraordinary, large-scale, and complex work we do is supported by our custom-built and curated facilities. From workshop to showroom, we’ve invested in the best, so we can deliver uncompromising quality, safety, and sustainability.



Cutting edge technology.
Diverse capabilities.

Our stone fabrication facility is equipped with the finest CNC stone fabrication equipment available in the USA. Combined with our 3D digital templating and highly skilled workforce, our state-of-the-art equipment makes our fabrication facility one of the most unique and diverse in our region.

Our workshop produces everything from high-end exotic kitchen counters to building façades and landscapes. We routinely produce book-matched and end-matched panels where architectural distinction is paramount. Our restoration skills are unsurpassed, and on any given day you’ll see a classical altar or statue being restored or carved in our facility, utilizing traditional methods and skills.



We invest in the
best equipment.

Rugo Stone maintains 12,000 square feet of industrial fabrication space with two 5-ton overhead cranes and 30 foot high ceilings. Our largest saw, a GMM Axia 38a, can saw material up to 18 inches thick, while our Thibaut TC-04 Numeric sawing line can process at least 100 square feet per hour. We perform in-line edge polishing with our Marmo Mechanica LCT 522, while the more complicated edges are shaped and polished on our Master 33 CNC router from Intermac. All of our tools run on compressed air lines distributed throughout our facility.



Committed to

We strongly believe in protecting the environment, so we’ve invested in a closed-loop water recycling system that enables us to reduce the particulates that are released into the environment, as well as reducing the amount of water used in fabrication.

One of the few companies in the region employing this type of technology, our fabrication facility is considered a 100% wet fabrication shop, a statement few of our competitors can make.



Curated to inform
and inspire.

To serving the design community and promote the use of natural stone, our showroom features over 400 2’x 1′ samples, all with their original names, and sorted by color for comparison. In addition to this unique and invaluable resource, we also have a combined inventory of over 2,000 stone samples stored and labeled for reference in our own library.



Hand-selected and
always on-trend.

Rugo Stone inventories over 100 colors of 3cm granite to serve the commercial and residential markets, plus an additional 60 colors of antique and precious marble and onyx. Hand-selected by Brett Rugo, our inventory stays current with the latest design trends, and includes a great many unique, hard-to-find stones.

Driven by Passion. Dedicated to Excellence.

We lend a sophisticated aesthetic and world-class expertise to large scale and special projects. Clients include religious, civic, cultural and educational institutions, public agencies, private developers, major corporations, and individuals.