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1701 14th St

This building’s exterior façade was clad from the 3rd floor up with Indiana Limestone and terracotta glazed in the colors of the rainbow creating vertical ribbons of eleven different colors around the façade and with Absolute Black Granite base at the ground level. The Indiana limestone façade clad the slab edge spandrels, column covers, and windowsills. This façade is supported by CFM stud walls, which proved extremely challenging due to variable tolerances. Support clips were custom-made on-site to meet field conditions.

The terracotta panels fit between the standard window width and the variable column spacing. This resulted in 21 variations of plan profiles and mitered knife edges on the terracotta panels, which were very fragile. Our studio designed custom frame supports for every opening due to variable tolerances in the field.

The project had various challenges, but our team found ways to work with them. The project required swing stages within and over the existing building, and the access for loading the swing stages with 2-inch limestone veneer and terracotta panels was through a single window. The project was a great success, completed on-site and without an accident, and the owner was very pleased with our team’s work.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion Date: 2019
Owner: Whitman-Walker Health
Architect: Selldorf Architects
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC
Size: 24,000 Sqft
Services Performed: Design consultation, Stone Sourcing, Supply and Installation

From Our Clients:

“What a great experience! Every interaction from the first visit to the final inspection was professional and service oriented. They took the time to help us find the perfect stone and then had an installation team that was extremely detail-oriented and friendly. I know they do larger projects than ours but they made us feel very appreciated. Thank you to Brett Rugo, Sam Arcot and the rest of the team!  We would most certainly use and recommend you again!!”

“Your mason was an artist and a master craftsman! Wow — he really did an amazing job on our challenging project!”

“When I was a little boy, my parents and grandparents taught me five principles: Honor, Dignity, Respect, Integrity, and Passion. Very very few have all five. My dear friend Brett not only has those qualities and values––he defines them.”

“One of the things that impressed me so much about Brett, his meticulousness, his desire, his passion to do it right the first time.”

“I know how meticulous [Brett] is in his craftsmanship. That’s really a dying art, not just in the stone business, or my business, but throughout the construction industry.”

“I think Brett is the most knowledgeable guy that I know in the stone business and is extremely passionate about the stone industry. He’s taught me a great deal––by taking me to stone quarries, explaining everything from installation to fabrication. He’s just been a walking book of knowledge on stone.”

“With Rugo Stone and with Brett Rugo, you’ll have someone who is reliable, thorough, dedicated, efficient, and will work to perfection. He will not stop until everything is done the way it’s supposed to be done. Brett is one of those individuals who, whenever you ask for something, he comes through on it, and he is willing and able to please.”

“Brett is a driven individual, and so therefore, he has wanted to make sure that everything he does is done just right.”

“Brett has thankfully achieved a great name for himself and for his company, and he is known for his quality, craftsmanship work, that no matter where he goes, no matter what he does, it’s going to be done to perfection.”

“We can judge the tree by the fruit it bears, and this holds true for Rugo Stone. The work speaks for itself, and it is pretty exceptional. The entire organization has a real commitment to quality, from the shop drawings, to engineering, material sourcing, fabrication, and then installation, and that commitment is reflected in the end result.”

Driven by Passion. Dedicated to Excellence.

We lend a sophisticated aesthetic and world-class expertise to large scale and special projects. Clients include religious, civic, cultural and educational institutions, public agencies, private developers, major corporations, and individuals.