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Quartz Medallion Floor Design - Waterjet Fabrication
ATEC Medallion

This project involved the use of computer-aided design and waterjet fabrication; each element of the medallion was designed to fit like pieces of a puzzle with minimal joints between them. The medallion consists of 5 different contrasting colors of quartz, and the design was developed from a digital image of the seal provided by the US Army.

The size of the medallion was 11′ diameter. Each of the patterns and shapes was cut twice, once from each of the quartz colors to form the field and the inlaid shapes/patterns, then meticulously assembled and epoxied together at the Rugo shop to form larger sections and mounted on a slab backer/substrate for support.

Location: Aberdeen, MD
Completion: 2011
Owner: U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)
Architect: WDG Architecture
General Contractor: Foulger Pratt Construction
121 sqft
Services: Design, Waterjet Fabrication

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