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Mosaic Floor Restoration
Basilica of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

This small restoration of the existing mosaic floor is an excellent example of Rugo’s ability to harvest existing Tesserae and to create a new mosaic garland section within the Narthex’s flooring. Our mosaic artists carefully removed existing mosaic in an area to be demolished, cleaned and shaped these tiles, and created field tracings of the required pattern. Rugo completed the mosaic panels in our mosaic studio and installed the mosaic to infill the missing section. The result is a seamless floor mosaic border to achieve this historic restoration of the Basilica.

Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Completion: 2019
Owner: Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston
Architect: Rambusch Decorating Company
General Contractor: Rugo Stone LLC
100 sqft
Services: Create match existing infill for missing section of mosaic floor

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