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Hand-Carved Tracery Work
Corpus Christi Altar of Sacrifice

The Corpus Christi Altar of Sacrifice, manufactured at Rugo Stone, features custom molded profiling and hand-carved tracery work inspired by the parish’s neo-gothic architecture. We were honored to create this original Altar of Sacrifice for the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, this highly unique altar utilized all of our team’s varied skills, from CNC machining specialists, master stone carvers, and our expert mosaic artists.

Entirely designed and manufactured in-house, the Corpus Christi Altar of Sacrifice is a culmination of technology and skill. Marble specifically sourced for its vein patterns and vivid background color is inlaid with Rosso Francia, Fior di Pesco, Grigio Carnico, and accents of Portoro, to create a stately piece, designed for decades of elegant performance.

Rugo applied logistical expertise in 3D drafting and modeling, producing a crisp set of drawings of the final product. The complexity of the assembly was achieved with precision machinery and a team of skilled artisans. Rugo’s in-house experts’ skill is reflected in the mosaic detailing which is mounted on honeycomb panels. Serpentine and radial tracery profiles were achieved using our 5 axis CNC machining ability combined with hours of hand carving and hand honing. This picture frame of a checker board mosaic is assembled with zero joints and creates an elegant perimeter trim.

The altar is defined by the detailing, and the cool-toned marble colors, accented by greys and 1st choice Nero Portoro. Rugo engaged with the quarries to source specific colors and vein patterns to create a piece that reflects the parish’s neo-gothic architecture.

Location: South Riding, VA
Completion: 2021
Owner: Corpus Christi Church
Architect: McCrery Architects

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