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Granite-Clad Statue Base Restoration
General Simon Bolivar Statue, National Mall

This project represents an example of Rugo Stone’s ability to work with the National Park Service to deliver complete conservation and restoration of an existing granite-clad statue base. Rugo’s cope involved a detailed field measurement of the base, cataloging each piece of granite, and carefully dismantling and transporting it to our stone factory for a complete cleaning, patching, dutchman repairs, and new anchorage preparation. Each piece of granite weighed over 700 lbs and required careful and thoughtful dismantling so that no parts were damaged.

Rugo designed a new stainless steel anchorage and installed each piece with epoxy chemical bolts to preserve the integrity of the existing concrete substructure. Rugo’s skilled restoration masons also performed repairs to concrete, waterproofing, and flashing. The project was a success and as always completed on time with the full approval of the Park Service.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion: 2017
Owner: United States Department of the Interior
Architect: National Park Service
General Contractor: Rugo Stone LLC
1,000 sqft
Services: Catalog, dismantle, restore, clean, patch, re-erect state granite base

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