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New Marble Sanctuary Design
Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Rugo Stone created a new, raised, marble sanctuary for the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Annandale, VA. The new marble altars, the Altar of Sacrifice and Altar of Repose, feature polished Botticino Classico, inlaid Venetian glass mosaic friezes, and inlaid 24-carat gold mosaic Latin lettering. The Altar of Sacrifice also features an artistic Venetian glass inlay of the “sacred heart,” using vivid red and orange tessere. 

Elsewhere in the sanctuary, Rugo hand-carved and hand-painted two wooden statues of kneeling angels standing 24” tall with gilded wings and two 5’ tall saint statues of Saint John Vianney and Saint Therese of Lisieux. Rugo also hand-carved a 7’ free-standing crucifix with a wooden Corpus of Christ, embedded with a stainless steel anchorage and decorative marble base. The team also crafted statue pedestal marble tops. 

 The flooring of the sanctuary is Botticino Classico marble, uniform with the altars, with accent bands of Highland Heart, a rose-colored marble. All this material was fabricated in-house at Rugo Stone’s studio and installed by our master marble masons.

Location: Annandale, VA
Completion Date: 2021
Owner: Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Architect: McCrery Architects
General Contractor: Chamberlain Construction Corporation
Services Performed: Design, Consultation, Supply, CNC and Waterjet Fabrication, Mosaic and Installation
Size: 2,000 Sqft

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