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Bianco Carrara Marble Wall Design & Installation
John F. Kennedy Center, The Reach Donor Wall

The JFK Center undertook a massive addition to the existing campus, referred to as the REACH. This project added much-needed offices, theatres, and stages for their artists and was funded by generous donations of many individuals. The donors are memorialized on a massive wall of Bianco Carrara, with panels measuring 8′ x 4′, this enormous wall of marble is the backdrop for the engraved names of the donors.

Rugo designed, engineered, and installed the marble wall and its support system. The project was completed before the building’s dedication in the fall of 2019. In the winter of 2020, Rugo artisans remobilized, created a dustproof scaffold system, and engraved all the names in place. This engraving was all done with an inventive sandblasting booth system designed for owner-occupied projects. Our skilled stone carvers did a flawless job, and the space is now complete, and the donor’s names are brilliantly displayed for the public to see.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion: 2020
Owner: John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
Architect: Steven Holl Architects
General Contractor: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
1,200 sqft
Services: Design large wall of white marble, engrave donor names onsite

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