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Marble Wall Coping Design
John Hopkins University - Decker Quad & San Martin Dr.

This project is a profound example of the capabilities of computer-aided fabrication technology and the use of cubic stone in architectural design. The Decker Quad and the San Martin Dr. projects both used Danby Marble from Vermont, USA, handpicked at the quarry by the Rugo team to ensure a specific range desired by the design committee. Both the projects involved marble wall copings and end caps of various thicknesses.

The Decker Quad project consisted of a spiral volute cap that connected to the wall coping. The San Martin Dr. project consisted of a “Ramp and Twist” wall coping design, which joined into spiral volute caps at either end. Both projects were extremely challenging and complex due to the technicality of calculating and 3D modeling complex and compound slopes along with radii changes to achieve the design. Each piece of the assemblies was carefully dry-set in the factory, studying the grade elevations and making adjustments as we built the wall.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Completion: 2014
Owner: John Hopkins University
Architect: SLAM Architects
General Contractor: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
Services: Design, 3D Modeling, CNC Fabrication, Installation

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