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Alter Design, Fabrication and Installation.
Kendrick Glennon Seminary Chapel Renovation

“Pasce Me, Domine, Et Pasce Mecum,” This Latin prayer means “Shepard me, Lord, and Shepard with Me.” It is the prayer of Saint John Damascene. Kenrick-Glennon Seminary traces its remote beginnings to the year 1818. In that year, members of the Roman Province of the Congregation of the Mission, the Vincentian Community, arrived in Perryville, Missouri.

In establishing Saint Mary’s of the Barrens Seminary in Perryville, the Vincentians founded the first seminary west of the Mississippi River. Archbishop John J. Glennon (in 1946, Cardinal Glennon), opened the second Kenrick Seminary, whose construction started in 1931.

Rugo worked with our architect client to fabricate two new altars for the main chapel. The color selections complement the existing tile floors and rich millwork. This project is a beautiful example fo Rugo’s ability to employ earth-colored limestone and luxurious red marble to create an elegant restoration of a historic seminary chapel.

Location: St.Louis, MO
Completion: 2015
Owner: The St Louis Roman Catholic Theologic Seminary
Architect: McCrery Architects PLLC
General Contractor: BSI Constructors Inc.
300 sqft
Services: Design, carve, fabricate and install new altars in old Seminary sanctuary

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