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King Residence

This project was special and unique; the homeowner had an excellent taste for natural stone and designed his kitchen with meticulous attention to stone selection and detail. The Rugo team handpicked the best choice of Statuary marble for this project as desired by the homeowner, performed digital slab layouts to book-match the veins at joints to create a grand marble mountain look on the full height backsplash which was 6′-6″ tall from countertop to ceiling.

The center island was wholly clad with marble all around; all the edges were mitered and epoxied to create a “monolithic” appearance. We installed full-height backsplashes with anchors to be secured to the stud wall behind and designed the anchorage to support the stone’s load to avoid bearing the weight on the countertops.

Location: Bethesda, MD
Completion: 2013
250 Sqft
Services: Design, Consultation, Engineering, Installation

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