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Nancy Reagan Carved Stone Bench

Rugo Stone was commissioned by acclaimed artist Mr. Chas Fagan to produce a solid, carved stone bench to be installed together with a slightly larger-than-life bronze statue of the former First Lady Nancy Reagan in the culmination of a centennial celebration of her 100th birthday.

The Rugo team assisted in the stone selection process to help the client to find the best performing stone for this historic project. A granite block was hand-selected at the quarry and was shipped to the Rugo shop for fabrication. Using 3D modeling, Rugo’s team created the design, which features two pieces, a molded base and a flared top. Once the client approved, the block was milled with a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machine to create the custom shape and profiles and finished with a fine sandblasted texture. Finally, the text on the stone was carefully traced and meticulously hand-cut to perfection by a master carver.

It was extremely challenging to handle the stone bench since it weighs just under 3,000 lbs, and each side has finished moldings and engraved lettering. Extensive studies and elaborate procedural plans were created and followed by the shop and field team to rig, move and install the bench without damaging any of the edges. Lifting straps were secured at specific, predetermined places to avoid stress on the stone, and the team set up several wood blockings and rigid foam paddings to prevent accidents. The bench was installed successfully, and the entire design team was very pleased with the outcome.

Location: Simi Valley, CA
Completion Date: 2022
Owner: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
General Contractor: Rugo Stone, LLC
Services Performed: CNC Stone Fabrication, Design consultation, Hand-cut engraving, Cubic stone supply, installation

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