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Handcrafted Venetian Glass Mosaic Design & Fabrication
Our Lady of China Mosaic

This Venetian glass mosaic was handcrafted in Northern Italy under the supervision of Rugo Stone. The mosaic renders a Chinese madonna and child and is dedicated to the Chinese Catholic community in Washington, DC. The Chinese symbols translate into Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity. The mosaic measures roughly 15′ high and 6′ wide, Rugo removed the existing marble wall panels, and furred out the masonry wall to accept a substrate of portland cement plaster and lathe, this plaster is the substrate for the glass mosaic.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion: 2006
Owner: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Architect: Anthony J. Segreti, AIA
General Contractor: Rugo Stone LLC
100 sqft
Services: Design, fabricate, and install Venetian glass mosaic

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