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Private Residence – Wine Cellar

This project entailed using five different marble types on the floor, wall, and countertops. The center of attraction is a wall with Onyx stone cladding and a back-lit assembly, in which the stone is reinforced by a Plexiglass sheet for support and attached to a vertical aluminum frame.

There is a Massive floor inlay, which took a tremendous amount of drafting and design to create a precise drawing and programming for the machining. A Waterjet machine cut the whole floor, and then the pieces were meticulously assembled by a team of four and dry laid in the Rugo shop. The countertops cut using the waterjet, follow the curved shape of the cabinet, which is precisely templated using a Pro-liner.

Location: Potomac, MD
Completion: 2012
Architect: Christian Zapatka Architects
General Contractor: O.C. Builders
Services: Design, Waterjet fabrication and Installation

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