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The Dismantling, Salvaging and Relocation of Marble Elements
Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church

Saint John the Apostle is a new Roman Catholic Church located in the historic town of Leesburg, Virginia. Rugo’s work on this project is an example of salvaging sacramental elements and incorporating them into a new Church’s design.

Rugo dismantled the altar from a different church in Newark, New Jersey, and relocate it to Leesburg, Va. The dismantle period lasted for four weeks, working 14 hours per day, seven days a week, we successfully dismantled the rear altar, which rises 35′ off the floor.

Rugo’s installation team erected the overhead crane system designed to lift and install the massive marble elements. Our marble masons and riggers erected the entire rear altar in the allowed ten-week period. We also restored and fabricated various replacement pieces, and installed five side Shrines, the main altar, the pulpit, and 3 rebuilt baptismal fonts.

Rugo carved three statues, a Saint Mother Teresa, a Pope John Paul II, and a 9′ tall St John The Apostle, along with two small bas-relief carvings of St Peter, and St Teresa. The work completed on time so that the Church could make its dedication on schedule. This project won the 2012 MIA Pinnacle Award of Excellence.

Location: Leesburg, VA
Completion: 2012
Owner: Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Architect: Franck Lohsen Architects
General Contractor: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
7,500 sqft
Services: Dismantle, relocate massive rear altar, altar of sarcrifice, ambo, statues

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