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Custom Mosaic Panel
St. Ann Catholic Church

Our mosaic studio completed a custom mosaic panel installed in a tympanum above the main entrance for one of our church clients. The Rugo team assisted in designing this mosaic—the Marian symbol artwork was inspired by a marble inlay we created over ten years ago. The project began with a concept sketch by our in-house artist; then, CAD drawings were developed by our drafting team to continue developing the proposed design.

This mosaic is constructed of Venetian smalti (Colored glass) of various colors and 24-carat gold tesserae—small squares of glass embedded with 24 karat gold, with 13 different shades and two different textures. Each piece of the mosaic color was meticulously handpicked and assembled by our mosaic artist to create the gradient within each color. The gold mosaic features both a smooth and Ondulato (Undulated) textured finish to achieve differential refraction of light.

We welcome all inquiries for exterior glass or stone mosaic. It truly enhances the artistic value of a building or church.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Completion Date: 2022
Owner:  St. Ann’s Parish
General Contractor: Rugo Stone, LLC
Services Performed: Custom Mosaic Art, Venetian Glass & Gold Mosaic, Brass metal frame, installation.

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