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The Park at City Center

City Center in Washington DC is a 6 block development created by world class international real estate developer, Hines. The designs were prepared by two of the most well known international architects. The landscape design is the creation of GGN, a long time Rugo client for complex stone landscape projects. The NW plaza is a covers 85,000 sqft of patterned slate and granite paving for both pedestrians and vehicles. This most unique aspect are the 3 dimensional water features sculptured with 6 axis robotic machinery modeled in the our Rhino 3D software system, These unprecedented water features display a serious of interconnected massive granite blocks all shaped like a 3D topographical map, where each milled groove in the granite aligns with the adjacent block of granite, and creates beautiful pathways for the water to travel. The project has received great acclaim for its design and installation. The project was awarded the 2018 Tucker Award from the Natural Stone Institute.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion: 2015
Owner: Hines
Architect: Foster and Partners Architects / GGN
General Contractor: Clark Construction
85,000 sqft
Services: Design, fabricate, and install complex plaza water 3D features, plinths, and paving

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