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Granite Facade Restoration
Thurgood Marshall Federal Office Building, Phase 1 Facade Replacement

This project, originally completed in 1992, had numerous anchor grout expansion failures, which created life-safety concerns. Rugo was contracted to replace the building’s entire entry facade with new matching granite. This was an extremely complicated project which involved extensive amounts of professional engineering and forensic review of all stone and structural connection points.

Rugo performed the entire dismantle and salvage of the old stone, measuring and cataloging the size of every piece. Our team field measured the whole facade and every piece to create new stone shop drawings with identical piece sizes and performed extensive stone and anchorage physical property testing for all the new granite. The new stone is supported by a new and improved anchorage support system to ensure the longevity of the assembly. Rugo performed this work on schedule and with no punch list.

There were no lost time accidents on this project, which is a statement to the rigid, safe practices employed on stone weighing up to 5,000 lbs.

Location: Washington, DC
Completion: 2019
Owner: Architect of the Capital
Architect: Weiss Janey Elsner
General Contractor: Kiewit Building Group
8,000 sqft
Services: Provide mast scaffold, crane to dismantle old facade and replace with new

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