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Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity Church Wall Street has stood for 173 years. This historic church was in need of a variety of upgrades and a complete conservation and restoration of the gothic revival Chancel, and the historic Astor Altar. Rugo was selected to dismantle and conserve the Astor Altar based on our extensive experience in stone and mosaic conservation and restoration. Our task was to carefully dismantle the marble and mosaic which forms th Astor Altar. These mosaic panels are believed to have been created in the 1870s by acclaimed Italian mosaic artist Antonio Salviati. These mosaic panels are considered priceless, as was the Vermont statuary marble altar. Rugo carefully cataloged the altar, 3D scanned the altar in place, and then dismantled the altar and transported it to our carving studio. Over the next 6 month, Rugo artisans carefully cleaned and restored the damaged pieces, as well as producing new columns, hand carved capitals, dutchmen patches, performed new gilding, all to create a new configueration for an ADA accessible altar mounted to a new steel frame. Rugo also sourced new Caen French limestone to provide new rear wall missing pilasters and base, this was especially challenging as the original Caen limestone was quarried in the 1860s. The Chancel floor is all new and paved in Olympian white and Rosso Levanto marbles with 1/32″ joints, patterned to create a bold checker board apperance. Rugo worked tirelessly to complete all our work for the dedication services on Christmas 2019. Rugo’s team effort has been very well received.

Location: New York, NY
Completion: 2019
Owner: Trinity Church Wall Street, New York City
Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects
General Contractor: Schiame Construction
3,500 sqft
Services: Rugo performed selective dismantle, restoration / modification, and fabrication and installation of all marble, limestone, and mosaic in the Chancel

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